In Bruges…

What’s unique in this movie?

I believe a cook’s emotion reflects in his food, he prepares. Similarly a director’s line of thought reflects in his visuals. Beautifully shown visuals and the right pace of the movie makes it unique. The settings in Bruges, an ancient city in Belgium, with it’s cultural and its unhurried existence is shown very well. It’s not slow, its just aligns. City visuals and pace aligns completely with its plot.

And here the city Bruges is in itself a character in this 100 minutes movie.

There is this scene in the first 20 minutes, where the director would have shown Ken, the wise character, being in love with the city, will climb up the bell tower during the day, purchasing the ticket, to get city’s view. He climbs up gets the view, deep breathes & then says ” I’m liking here. And karma would have it, the same tower helps Ken achieves salvation in during the night. You wonder, this is a philosophical movie, isn’t ? Absolutely not, In Bruges, is a dark comedy movie, with a philosophical tinge.

The integrity of characters.

Integrity : Harry, true to his words, will shoot himself at the end, as what he had expected out of Ray. Ken will tell the truth to Harry, about Ray’s train journey

Ray, whilst being shot by Harry, convince Harry not to shoot himself. What I liked is the way each character act true to their nature irrespective of the circumstances & outcome. Guilt is not a response to anger; it is a response to one’s own actions or lack of action. If it leads to change then it can be useful, as it is no longer a guilt but the beginning of knowledge.

I’m in Mumbai, sipping a filter coffee made by my wife, sipping in the 14th floor, enjoying rains with beautiful city landscape, and realizes, what Ken would have felt in the bell tower, Bruges. I’m in liking here in Mumbai !

“Whatever is here is everywhere; Whatever is not here is nowhere”

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