An Invisible Guest

In every movie plot, the protagonist has atleast one  goal in the storyGoals give definition to the overall story that unfolds moment-by-moment in scene. I like plot-driven thrillers with a focus on storytelling, script structures, suspense and characters in extreme situations. And in the movie, “The Invisible Guest‘, Goal of the grieving mother is to find her son’s disappearance. Goal of Senor Doria(Mario Casas) is to hide crime scene. 2 objectives, 2 main characters, multitude of stunning visuals, & one passionate story writer, Oriol Paulo ! I’m certain, that , the write/director knew the change in the story he wrote, a story he shot & a story he cut. I could sense the love, the writer had, not from the story alone but from it’s details. Maya Angelou, the writer, once wrote, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you”. Its like how a pregnant mother holds the baby in her amniotic sac, and waiting for it to deliver.

In this movie, Oriol Paulo, has used one another main character called “Screenplay“. Yes it is !. Screenplay is an artistic tool designed to organize various stakeholders during the stages of film production. However, Paulo used the artistic tool, to not just organize all the characters, but used it as an important character, talking, flirting, and enabling the audiences to guess. To me making a group of people guessing is a hard work, more than hard work, it’s truly work of an art. Throughout the movie, “Truth” in this movie is always changing, transitioning till it settles on a high ground.

In the climax, there comes a moment, when Senor Doria (Mario Casas), embraces for the first time the quality he required to become complete and ends the story. It’s then he discovered, a whole truth about himself. The he was the invisible guest, indeed !

Thriller, or a mystery genre is not new, movie isn’t new, and liking a movie is also not a new thing, but making screenplay a character in the movie and making audience guess is a new thing. I truly enjoyed watching the movie.

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