Enjoying the mystery …

To me, the best time to wake up is on a late Saturday August morning in my bed, witnessing Mumbai dark clouds. Rains and water droplets in my window, with breezy wind telling me, this day will be beautiful, if not complete. Saturday is when I ration my drinks, snacks and vegetables for the week. Gaze twitter for long hard hours, with a armchair philosophical bent of mind. And the most important, thing is to enjoy a home made filter coffee made by my wife.

Whilst sipping my coffee, I observed, my wife chose this movie (Kolaigaran) in Hotstar. Its a simple story told well. A All great story is one of two stories, a man goes on a journey or a stranger comes to town. Vijay Antony, the protagonist comes to Chennai(from Hyderabad) to solve a unfinished task. Whilst solving his problem, he becomes a victim of someone’s else life, & ended up a prisoner of his choice. The cop’s (Arjun) role in this plot, is to facilitate solving this mystery to audience. To me, the purpose of a story teller is not to tell you how to think, but to give the audience questions to think upon. Throughout the movie, the director made me think about the possibilities of the climax, albeit the story is loosely based on one Agatha Christie’s writing.

It had all the essential ingredients of a mystery movie :

  1. Good plot.
  2. Writes about the underdog
  3. Multiple points of view, giving a range
  4. Main characters change.
  5. It shows—doesn’t tell.

The films that find their way under our skin in the most enduring ways are usually psychological thrillers. You know the ones – movies like The Sixth Sense, Fight Club, Shutter Island, Black Swan, Drishyam (Malayalam) & those trusted Alfred Hitchcock classics – films we simultaneously can’t look away from but almost can’t bear to watch. They mess with our heads in the best possible way, leaving us wondering why we do this to ourselves long after the credits have finished rolling.

People often confuse the mystery and thriller genres. While it’s true that they often overlap, there’s a distinct difference: A mystery follows an intellectual protagonist who puts together clues to solve a crime after it’s been committed, and a thriller details the prevention of a crime before it has been committed.

Every solution to every problem in our life is simple. It’s the distance between the two where the mystery lies. Happy weekend 😉

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