A Star is born

Brooks Atkinson, the American theatre critic, once wrote, “The most fatal illusion is the settled point of view. Since life is growth and motion, a fixed point of view kills anybody who has one”. I like what he wrote, as I believe, life has its own legs and its keeps moving. And our views and opinion about various facets of life also evolves along with life. A Star Is Born is a 1937 American Technicolor romantic drama film. Bradely Cooper  took an alternate approach to retell the 1937 story to his audiences in a different narrative. Guess, Cooper subtly says, its all about how you see, instead of what you see in the story. 

Jackson sees music everywhere.  Music enables Jackson to maintain his sanity from the banalities of life. Jackson felt Music, singing and song writing is the only thing he loved. With Ally in his life, Jackson, believed his life will be complete. However, destiny had some other plans for Ally. And Jackson, became uncomfortble, as Ally started accepted her new form of life and fame.

Bradley has chosen an unique approach to express the difference in opinion between Jackson & Ally. It’s not about Jackson manifesting a desire to control Ally’s relationships with others nor feeling an envious resentment of her achievements. 

Jackson way of engaging with music is pure & uncommercial. Whilst Ally, is pragmatic about showcasing her talents and passion, Jackson is unwilling about it.This view of Jackson drives his behaviour and awkward moments in the film.

In the climax of the movie, Jackson believes, he is not an enabler for Ally in her career, instead an impediment. He senses it so strongly that he loses his sense. Our senses vs sense.. Different isn’t ? Our senses are windows to the world, but only portholes to reality- As reality is far bigger than the world. Jackson fails to distinguish the truth from reality and ends his life. 

There is an important dialogue near the climax of the movie, which inspired me to think deeply.  Jackson(Bradley Cooper) believes music is all about how an artist sees 12 notes in an octave. 12 notes in an octave is static, but the magic is, how the artist sees those 12 notes. And Jackson loved the way, Ally sees those 12 notes. 

I don’t know, whether I believe in the what part of the life or how I see life. But “A Star is born”, has tickled my awareness quotient to re-think and re-imagine, my settled perspectives.

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