El Autor !

Maya Angelou, the writer, once wrote, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you”. Its like how a pregnant mother holds the baby in her amniotic sac, and waiting for it to deliver. The movie, El Autor, clear depicts an average man’s struggle against himself, to get the story from his soul.

This story is about an average individual, trying to write a story. Yes, you’re right. An average individual in the society.  Movie’s central theme is about an protoganist effort in writing a story. An authentic, real story, which can evoke emotions. And what the average man does in his life, to write a story. Being a husband to a disloyal wife, grieving father who had lost his young son, clerk at a notary office & as aspiring writer.

The key thing, attracted me in this movie, is the paradox that even a boring clerk can also aspire to write an authentic fiction. Majority of urban population live a life like this isn’t, working routine hours to re-pay home loan, car loan, kids educational loan, yet despising their day job? 

Secondly, isn’t a myth that only exceptional talents can write a story ?  An average man too has the capability to put in efforts to dream, to get inspired and write. I’m neither a writer, nor a voracious reader, but being an average individual in the society, I relate,  how painstakingly painful, a job of writing is. Alvaro, the actor, has done a sincere job, in portraying the average man, with all his fragilities, how he attempts to write.

This is my first movie, where I seen a director, going depths of writing and showing what aspiring writers go through whilst penning down their fiction. The difficulty of writing vs re-writing ; difficulty in transitioning between one sentence & another, marshalling of information, challenge of acquiring natural train of thoughts, difficulty in developing a paragraph having its own integrity of content & strucuture.

Scenes I liked

Tutor being angry at Alvaro for not being real.
Tutor honest emotion at Alvaro when he listen to Alvaro’s real words.
Tutor’s advice – Live, Observe & Listen
Alvaro’s attempt in writing real stories
His warm-up scenes before writing
His new desk, fan, stool & computer, desk
His attempt of trying to get inspired

One thing clear – Aspirations and abilities are both different. One need not be in doubt of his/her abilities, whilst aspiring. 

Henry David Thoreau

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