Jessie, the paradox…

In the uncertain ebb & flow of time and emotions, much of one’s life is etched in the senses. Yes, my senses are etched with movies. Movies of all kinds, love story, drama, comedy, thriller, action, adventure etc. I love movies because it makes me feel something. It speaks to my desires, which are never small 😉

I watched the movie VTV(Vinnaithaandi Varuvaya), directed by Gautan Vasudev Menon, 3 or more times. Every time, I watch this movie, I fall in love with it.  Why do I love this movie ? I dont know, clearly. However, there are some elements in this movie, I recount in my life, shades of character I  relate, situations I connect. The intriguing thing is, why do I like Jessie’s character(female protoganist) & her dichotomies ?

Jessie,  takes me to early 2000, during my college days.  How I had fallen in love with a South Indian Tam Brahm girl, from Chennai. Inspired by movies again ? ;-). Tam-bram girls aren’t going to take you seriously even after bumping into you at coffe day(CCD, were elite at those times) or star bucks (more contemporary). Even if you score an invite for a tam-bram wedding, it’s likely just the reception, not the actual wedding (usually a family and close friends only affair).

Tam-bram girls have enough overqualified bachelors within their community and come from sufficiently traditional families. Circumstantial attraction at a place of study or work is the only way you find them marrying outside their community. These relationships form slowly out of friendships, not intentionally after scouting them in a public place. But, mine was different. I started out with a proposal to her in the first instance, instead of friendship. Ignorance or Daring ? -;)

. You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams. And I realised it . Me, falling in love isn’t the difficult thing. But, me having a dichotomy is ! The dilemma wasn’t about to fall in love or my parents approval. But to feel confident that, I’m the right person for her, in all facets. Feeling of inferiority ? I don’t know. This feeling was very difficult. The things about my dilemma is that, I hate change, but love it at the same time; what I really wanted is for things to remain the same but get better. There were months I was thinking, ‘the how’ part to express my love & be confident, that I’m indeed the right person.  And after her acceptance of love, it is the dilemma about continuity and marriageWhilst watching the movie, I felt, Jessie had similar dilemma, when she thinks of Karthik (a clear headed, risk taking, aspiring fim maker). My love life and this movie, can be summarized as an ebb and flow of dilemma & emtions. Leaving and coming. Flight and fall. Reaching and reached. Jessi’e life was a constant oscillation between the sharp horns of dilemmas.

Jessie : Breaking her conservative barrier when it matters, experiencing  tribulations in mind due to her  family environment, stuck in a predicament, taking impulsive decisions and regretting them later on and living the life she opted for rather than the life she desired. Have we not seen many Jessy’s in real world ?

It’s a conservative approach, in films, to show women as a rebel, single mother, or responsible housewife to enrich the character. So cliched it is, to repeatedly show , an ordinary person in the society, facing an extraordinary sitaution. But, here in this movie, G V Menon, just simplified & created ‘Jessie‘, a vulnerbale urban girl, who has the capacity to love, fell in love at first sight, but doesn’t end up living with her love. A paradox !

My favourite Scene : The post lunch discussion between Jessie & Karthik, in Kerala, backwaters. Trisha in lemon yellow saree, slightly curly brown hair, and those slightly bigger ear rings, made more gorgeous by Nalini Sriram’s costumes.

Karthik asks Jessie, ” Has anyone proposed you & chased you for marriage ? “Jessie responds ‘Perhaps others, have not seen me, thru your eyes’. That’s the scene,  Jessie expressed her interest to Karthik. I loved the way, Trisha did that scene & liked Simbu’s reaction. Subtle !

Trisha, not only carried the apt emotion & situation of that particular scene, but also of the character as a person. From whatever movies I have seen and enjoyed, I feel that a movie is good when “it happens” – when the director just flows with the story.  When the director tries too hard – the effort is pretty evident and distracts the viewer from the film.

G V Menon must be in his flow, during the direction of this movie, where he etched these characters through his senses;-)

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