Tamil Neo Noir : Vikram-Vedha Movie

Am I a cinephile ? I don’t know.. I love cinema and I don’t have a problem, if someone calls me a cinephile.  I love watching movies.

Why I love watching movies ?

Perhaps, because, it’s has a story, it has narrations, actions, and emotions. More importantly it has visuals. But there is something beyond that. There is some kind of focus & calmness I get. Sometimes, it’s cathartic. The focus is to an extent, that I can watch 2-3 movies a day and I have done that.

I guess it has to do with empathy, or humans capacity to understand and feel what other humans feel. I learnt somewhere, that we have mirror neurons in our brains that allows us to simulate the experience of others and to feel the things we might feel if we were in the position of another. This is what makes watching movies so fun to me.

I would agree with Nina Lacour that ,  I love films because it makes me feel something, it speak to my desires, which  are never small, it fills me with longing.

Last week, I watched a Tamil neo noir thriller movie “Vikram-Vedha”.  It’s a psychological crime thriller, narrated in the most engaging format. The Vikram-Vedalam stories are exercises in morality and ethics, and the film itself, crafted in similar style, is an argument against distinguishing people as black and white.

The interesting element for me in the movies is its focus on 3 characters, Vikram, Vedha and audience & their struggle to find the balance between white and black. For some reason, I was always focused on the binary things. White or black, 0 or 1, good or bad. I never thought, the middle point, ‘Grey’ can add so much impact.  The director duo seems to have profound reverence for audience. Yes a deep respect. I speak now as an audience. This movie to me is all about the shade ‘ Grey’ which helps white to complete itself.

Directors seems to have a strong grip of what will audience think  how will they juxtapose each & every scene with its intent, tone and modality . Sethupathi’s effortless acting is his charm and perhaps that’s why I liked him on screen. Though his introduction reminded me of Kevin Spacey character in ‘Seven’ movie, I completely admire Sethupathi’s originality as he fits into the Vedha character. Watching the movie was like observing Gary Kasparav- Vishwanathan Anand chess game. Yes, you’re right, the screenplay had such intensity, circumspection & thoroughly gripping.

People who LIKE movies have a favorite. People who LOVE movies couldn’t possibly choose. I don’t see which actor was best but I loved the shades of grey in vedha’s character. Why ? Perhaps, the character seemed vulnerable to me. I like characters not for their heroism or ‘know-all’ attitude, but for their grit inspite of their fragile nature. Being fragile in life nor on screen, isn’t bad thing to me. After all, fragility is in the context like grit. Director, in this movie, would have sculpted the fralities from Madhavan, and distilled it with the different shades of grey, and enabled him to present himself as more of a balanced person in the climax.

Many lives are exercises in banality until art touches them and inspires…Certain things leave you in your life and certain things stay with you. And that’s why we’re all interested in movies- those ones that make you feel, you still think about. Because it gave you such an emotional response, it’s actually part of your emotional make-up, in a way 🙂

I don’t know about you but mine for sure 😉


  1. There is no villain or hero in this movie but all characters. Camera and back ground music also played a vital part.
    All i can say as a spectator one of the well directed best movie in recent times.

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