Reds Go Marching…On! On! On!

Glory Glory Man United
Glory Glory Man United
Glory Glory Man United
As the Reds Go Marching On! On! On

Being a spurs fan, yes, I was biased for Man Utd to beat Chelsea, but I never expected them to win so convincingly, that I clapped both my hands and felt goosebumps during Manchester United Anthem.  Marcus, Ashley Young, Fellaini, Herera, Roho, Bailey, Oh God, I wish I get to watch this game one more time. Jose resting Ibra, and playing with Marcus and Lingard in front with 2 wing backs, was the best tactics I have witnessed this season in premier league. It’s not about his choice of players but the unpredictability in which Jose did, matters.

Fans, journalist , always ask, why only Ibra, why not other players, why focus only on person, but the point is its not who Jose chooses, but on what premise matters to me. As a manager Jose is responsible for designing the right tactics ahead of the game. He has the right to chose the type and quality of players who are deemed fit to execute his plan. When Man Utd, won yesterday’s game, critics applaud his tactics, but if they would have lost, then why blame only Jose ? Football to me again seemed like that inspiration, passion which ignites my curiosity. Wish I had more access to Jose’s thinking, approach, tactics. This man is truly a intrigued personality. This is the same person, I despised until 2 years back then.

The decision to rest Ibrahimovic was almost certainly taken with one eye on the midweek Europa League quarter-final second leg against Anderlecht. But Rashford and Lingard showed United supporters need not worry if the Swede is absent from any starting XI in the future.The pace Rashford showed in putting away Ander Herrera’s throughball for the opening goal was something Ibrahimovic could not have matched and his telepathic link-up play with Jesse Lingard gave Mourinho’s side a cutting dynamism in front of goal. But yes, Jose, clearly knows, when and how does a player operate and play in the edge of their capabilities. True learning to me occurs in the deep practice zone, where a player operates in the edge of his capability, commits mistakes and then learns to do the right thing. Marcus is just 19, he needs more time. Some can argue he needs more time on the pitch, but I would say, off the pitch is also a learning zone.

“A large scale example of this phenomenon occurs in Japanese Schools. According to a 1995 study, a sample of Japanese 8th graders spent 44% of their class time inventing, thinking, and actively struggling with underlying concepts. In Japanese culture, parents prefer their kids to learn off the pitch as well ”  – Jim Stigler, the UCLA professor who over saw the study and who co-wrote ” The teaching gap” with James Hibert. Sometimes, the Japanese teacher will purposely give the wrong answers so the kids can grapple with the theory.This is an another methods to emphasize on concepts. Approach, style, coaching methods, differ from manager to manager and let’s agree.

One of two Chelsea players nominated for the PFA Player of the Year, Hazard was treated to a shadow in the opening 45 minutes in the form of Eden Herrera and he knew it was only going to continue after the break

Mourinho felt United were dominant as Chelsea failed to register a shot on target in a league match for the first time since September 2007. And the United boss believes the victory proves his team would have beaten Chelsea in last month’s FA Cup quarter-final tie, had Herrera not received a controversial red card in that match at Stamford Bridge.

After all he is a winner , who in search of excellence will not settle for any mediocrity, like how Arsene Wenger settled in a club for 20 years winning premier league title. Jose Mourinho won back-to-back Premier League titles in his first two seasons as Chelsea manager before he was sacked in November 2007. He has won a treble including champions league with Inter Milan. He silenced Barcelona as a Real Madrid manager.

As Jose rightly summed up “They can call what they want. I am a professional. I defend my club,Until they have a manager who wins four Premier League titles for them, Judas is number one.”













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