I always have this dichotomy that should I focus on my functional skills or personality skills. I didn’t have a thought as to what should I become.  But slowly, what  I am realizing is the fact that personality skills are part of my life, which is getting developed as long as people are involved. However, functional skills are what I am paid for. What tangible knowledge i have which I can bring it to the table. I need to focus on that. I need to have a clear priority of what are the knowledge oriented problem solving skills i bring in. Of course yes, personality skills are utmost important, however, with just that nothing can be solved.

I need to relish the job which I am doing to ensure, I need to  create many paradigms in the workplace not just solving problems, but teaching people to solve it. Only then i can become a master, where knowing and experiential both are put to use.


What is the problem currently ?

The problem currently is that I am not able to focus on my job. At this crucial juncture in my career and life it is important for me to have clarity in what I am doing, what I need to do and how. I don’t have that. As a risk officer/manager I can afford to do facilitation role for a period, however not at this juncture where stakeholders expect me to bring in new perspectives, new value and concepts. My role should be focusing more towards generating ideas/concepts.


Why do I think I don’t have clarity ?

That’s because, I don’t know how the value chain works in my role. The current expectation of my job is to facilitate many things. And these things can be done leveraging relationships with key stakeholders. There are few things, which can be done independently, although the role is of an individual contributor, all the work/output, this role accomplishes has to be done in conjunction with operations stakeholders. This role derives power from stakeholders. Without that, it is very difficult to prove the value addition for the month. This dependency with stakeholders, this proximity with people sometimes provides great exposure, however, this role doesn’t allow you to know or master any product or asset class. Mastering a product or an asset class is important because, it helps to solve problems, it enriches clarity and helps people connect it. Being in this role for almost 10 years it is imperative for me to start seeing the other side of the business.

How is this role, different in region ?

In regional team this role designed to derive value thru business specific projects and engagements. Operations risk role to me is about understanding the business process and add a new value chain to it. The moment this role, its output, its thinking is not aligned to the overarching business goals, then there develops a deep chasm between operations and risk management team.

So what is the problem now ?

The problem is I am not able to focus on any particular agenda.

Is this problem related to this role or about my outlook towards its role ? My problem is not this role. I guess my leadership outlook towards this role is evolving. I am now able to see its weakness and vulnerabilities.

Will my outlook change, if this role is aligned to respective asset class ?

Yes, it will change.

What are my inabilities, as per recent experience ?

I am not able to influence, communicate & participate freely with stakeholders in crucial business process related discussions.


Benefits of this role :

a) Exposure to various facets of operations

b) Visibility to senior management

c) Remuneration

d) Relationship Management


Disadvantages :

a) Lack of business ownership

b) Lack of business understanding/asset class

c) Lack of front to back knowledge



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