Deep Learning : Turning mistakes into Skills

A well written piece in article by Rishab Nahar. Wish I could think and write like this.

In his book, ‘The talent Code’, Daniel Coyle beautifully explains what it takes to master a skill, And this is by far the best example to explain it. What better way to master a skill, than to learn from the world’s best Brazilian soccer players ?

Just like most people around the world, Soccer coach Simon Clifford was fascinated by the skills of Brazilian soccer player, so he decided to go to Brazil, to know why they were so good. Clifford saw many things he expected to see: the energy, the passion, the organized training schools and intense practice sessions. But he saw something unexpected, a strange game that resembled soccer if played in a phone booth. The ball was half the size and weighed twice as much. Rather than big grass fields, players played on basketball sized concrete grounds with five on each side of the team. The game consists of quick, controlled passes and nonstop end to end action. The game was ‘Futsal’

Other nations also played futsal, but Brazil was obsessed with the sport since it could be played anywhere. From Pele onwards, every great Brazilian soccer player has played a futsal as a kid. Any top Brazilian player has spent hours at the game. Until he was 12, Robinho sent half his training sessions playing futsal. The famous elastico move of Ronaldinho, drawing the ball in and then moving it out like a yo-yo originated in futsal.

Image result for ronaldinho elastico

Great Brazilian players didn’t come from the beach, they came from the futsal court

Insights :

Futsal players touch the ball far more than soccer players- 6 times more often per minute.The smaller ball demands more precise handling. Sharp passing is the key. The game is all about looking for angles and spaces and working quick combinations with other players. So when futsal players play on a full sized soccer pitch, they feel like they have acres of free space.

So what it is that futsal did, that made these players so good ?

Futsal compresses soccer’s essential skills into a small box. It places players inside the deep practice zone, making and correcting errors, constantly generating solutions to vivid problems.

So how do we master skills in other walks of life.

The talent code says, there are 3 important aspects of skill development;

  1. Deep Practice
  2. Ignition
  3. Master Coaching


Deep practice is built on struggling in certain targeted ways – operating on the edges of your capability, where your mistakes make you smarter and experiences force you to slow down, make errors and correct them. When you practice deeply, the world’s usual rules are suspended. You use your time more efficiently. Your small efforts bring big and lasting results. The trick is to choose a goal just beyond your present abilities; to target the struggle.

Deep practice is a strange concept because it takes events that we normally strive to avoid, namely mistakes, and tuns them into skills.


Reference:” The talent code by Daniel Coyle”


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