Pep Guardiola Vs Pochettino

Why Man City couldn’t win ? They don’t play that bad.  Man city attacked well, had ball possession, created chances, but still couldn’t kill the game. Why ? Pep should understand, he is new to Man City. Man City is a club in England, which is primarily driven by Investments, buying players and involves huge money


Premier League Table Last Five Seasons:
# Net Spend last 5 Years Per Season
1 Manchester City £80,510,000
2 Manchester United £78,530,000
3 Chelsea £48,861,800
4 Arsenal £41,170,000


Both Pep and Pochettino learn’t their early lessons from Marcelo Biesla, it is intriguing to see, how Pep and Poch have evolved. Pep has been always with great clubs where, buying of players has been a cake walk(Barcelona, Bayern, Man City). On the other side, Poch, has been gradual in identifying and developing players from the club’s own youth system, name Espanyol, Southampton and Spurs now. This tells me, money & buying can’t guarantee results. Why Man City is not focusing on youth development and how long they will be reliant on oil money ?


Pep should also realize, his technical superiority, tactics and finese might not suitable for EPL. As Jonathan Wilson in his book Inverting the pyramid said, “The history of tactics, it seems, is the history of two interlinked tensions. “Aesthetics Vs Results”, on the side & “Technique Vs physique” on the other. What confuses the issue sis that those who grow up in a technical culture tend to see a more robust approach as a way of getting results, while those from a physical culture see pragmatism in technique; and beauty  or at least what fans prefer to watch- remains very much in the eye of the beholder”.  What British fans mostly prefer  is the crash-bang-wallop of the premiership and not just the cerebral jousting.

Key insights from Spurs players(From my spurs friend -spurs stat man) :

  • Tottenham have scored with both of their attempts on target vs. Man City, meaning Bravo has conceded 16 of the last 24 shots
  • Mousa Dembèlè achieved an astonishing 96% pass accuracy vs Man City, highest of any player completing 75+ mins.
  • Harry Winks(Home Grown talent) vs. Man City: 25 minutes played 100% pass completion 1 chance created 1 tackle won 3 clearances
  • Kyle Walker won 6 aerial duels vs Man City today, the highest on the pitch & more than Clichy, Kolarov & Otamendi combined (5)


In my view, Poch understands English fans more than Pep and it is reflecting in their respective results. Identify and develop more English players, nurture them, and challenge them with tough situations. Sport will be developed and perhaps, TV money can also flow in .


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