Arsene Wenger cries offside…

Experience is everything’ – upholds almost every interviewer as they brazenly turn away freshers and ask them to come back with more of the exalted experience under their belt! No surprises here as most job descriptions are designed exclusively around skills and experience.These are important attributes no doubt, but what about the innate talent lurking inside?

Talent is an intrinsic gift, a natural endowment, an inborn passion.For instance, you cannot become a national-level cricketer even if you practise all day every day, or even a painter for that matter, unless there is that inherent streak hidden inside you. This explains why some people, can simply pick up a camera or paintbrush and achieve amazing results that others never can despite frustrating years of hard work and dedication.

You’re right I am talking about Arsene Wenger who’s been the manager of Arsenal for 20 years, 2 decades and still underacheives each and every season. Yes, that’s 20 years. During that period, Bombay renamed to Mumbai, Michael Jackson performed in Andheri sports club, Harry Kane, Granit Xhaka, John Stones, Raheem Sterling, were 3 year  old kids, when Wenger took over Arsenal team during 1996-97, Can you imagine, that’s how long…

On the other side, young, not so experienced managers(in 1 club), like Jose, Carlo, Pochettino, Koeman, Klopp and Pep are showing results in each and every league they represent. Jose, Pep, Carlo, Klopp have played under different leagues, varied conditions, managed players ego, delivered results(Champions league title) and that’s why, they are very special. What does this say about ? Experience Vs Results. In my opinion, experience alone doesn’t guarantee results. In English Premier League, I beleive, what matters, are the results, the 3 points. That is why Chelsea fans and London fans still love Jose, Utd fans respect Sir Alex Ferguson.

Arsenal cries foul for Raheem Sterling goal as offside, thinking that David Silva was seen flirting with Petr Czech. Please Mr. Wenger, a professional of your experience should focus on the next game and not these triviliaties. In my opinion what didn’t go well in this game as well as Everton(last wed) was Ozil’s performance. ‘


  1. A nice take on the age old debate on Talent Vs Experience. I think what everyone wants is Talent with Experience (So hard to get and so costly !!!) Wenger for instance definitely has the experience, not sure of the Talent.

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