Chelsea Vs Tottenham…

Image result for Garry Kasparov vs Deep Blue

NF3. Chess aficianodas will recognize that unusual yet unique opening move of Gary Kasporav, which he used to defeat Deep Blue in 1996, after losing the first game to the computer. A year later though, Deep blue came back with a larger database improved software and more CPU power to beat the then – greatest chess player in the world.  Deep blue was less about Intelligence and more about automating  a hugely complex but finite set of decision rules. This is how I will summarize the game between Chelsea and Spurs…Chelsea was the Deep Blue machine and Spurs were more of human, vulnerable, emotional and lost out(Gary Kasporav). But that doesn’t mean a finite set of rule machine will win the premier league this season.

I believe, winning a game requires control of the space on the pitch and not just control of the ball. Especially control of space required when the team is in defensive positions. Football to me is not just about talented individuals and their skill sets; it is about coalitions, connections and correspondence between 11 different individuals. Spurs played well during the first 45 minutes but the second half was the problem. I also beleive the champions league(played against Monaco, this wed) games had an effect. Players were tired during the 2nd half.

As for the Chelsea defence, it was the first time they had conceded in the league since the Arsenal game and the first time in 600 minutes and more than six games of league football. The team were trapped in their own half with Mousa Dembélé and Victor Wanyama particularly strong at closing the home team down high up the pitch

Chelsea moved the ball more quickly from the start of the second half and Alonso and Moses were back in the game at last. Moses scored the second on 51 minutes and Alonso should have got the third shortly after that but blew a great chance laid on to him by Diego Costa’s cut-back into the area….In the end, Chelsea played well and lead the table  now.

In football it is difficult to say how come the team played well and still lost 2-1 to opponents. Isn’t it a paradox, yes, and that’s what happened last on Saturday, the game against, Chelsea.


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