NH 10 movie

NH 10 : ‘National Highway 10’ is a National Highway, in northern India,  that originates at Delhi and ends at the town of Fazilka in Punjab near the Indo-Pak Border. Why I do say it? This is most important information of this movie and this is one of the core layer of this movie.The film is about a couple being caught witnessing an honour killing incident, and their struggle to run away.




A happy young urban couple (Meera & Arjun) decides to go on a vacation. They take NH 10 route to celebrate birthday of the protagonist, Meera(Anushka Sharma). On route, they see a young couple trying to elope and brutally beaten up by the girls elder brother. Arjun tries to intervene to resolve the situation, but gets a hard slap from girl’s elder brother. This hard slap is one of the important action, as I see it. Getting a slap from a stranger in front of his wife triggers the ego of this young Gurgaon professional. One event leads into another and Arjun goes to scare the gang when he sees their vehicle parked in an isolated area.He sees them torturing the girl and guy who were trying to elope. Realizing danger, the couple tries to escape from the isolated area near NH 10. But then they get caught. They try to run again, however this time, they accidently shoot one of the men in the gang. This provokes the gang and they decide to kill the couple. Each and every scene, the intensity of the chase increases. Arjun gets badly hurt in his right leg and Meera hides him under a railway bridge and tells him that, she’ll try and reach nearby police station to get help. From now on Meera gets the spotlight in the chase. All these chasing scenes are taken during the night in rural areas circumferencing NH 10. Last few scenes where Meera realizes her husband is killed by the gang and she decides to take revenge on them is shown very well. As an audience, I was parallely thinking, as to how will Meera take revenge, and was waiting for the revenge. Kudos to this film director(Navdeep Singh) for making this film and showing how honour killing in our states are not actioned by local police & netas.

P.S – Dr Manjeet Rathi of All India Democratic Women Association says: “The present provisions in law are not enough to deal with ‘honour’ killings. Slapping a murder case against the accused is no deterrent. There is urgent need of a legislation that punishes not only those who murder, but also those who stand as mute spectators and are directly or indirectly involved with the murder. We drafted a legislation and submitted it to the Home Minister with one lakh signatures. However, nothing came of it.

Though the Supreme Court has observed that ‘honour’ killings should be treated as the “rarest of rare crime and those perpetrating it should be sent to the gallows”, the killings have not got the attention they deserve. The Central government had initiated steps to bring about a separate law on ‘honour’ killings, but it was shelved after a number of states failed to give a feedback, indicative of the disinterest in the subject. Resultantly, all the law provides for is to book the perpetrator of the crime for murder while ‘others’ get away.

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