Creative Genius Oscar…

Brazilian width helps overcome Croatia in even opening game : 3-1

Key feature of the match, was the frequency of crossing. Brazil usually field inverted wingers cutting inside to shoot, whereas Croatia hold the ball for long positions in central midfield. But in the first half, both sides crossed the ball regularly.

11th minute own goal nicely characterizes this FIFA 2014 opening game.Croatia attacked up the left side and put in a low cross that Marcelo accidentally knocked past goalkeeper Julio Cesar. An own goal by Brazilian left back, Marcelo, gave advantage to Croatia. Brazilian emotion were tickled in their own soil and then we get to witness the collective creativity of samba’s soccer. Brilliant work out of Oscar helped Neymar to equalize outside the 16 yard Croatian box. 61,203 fans cheering, Neymarrrrrrr….Brazil continue their creative play, attack, pressing and possession. A visual treat for a football fan.

Second half, Brazilian were bit slow, when compared to their usual pace and power. Oscar again worked very well in the channels and Croatian coach instructed his boys to contain Oscar in the mid-itself and not to propel forward. Oscar was found to be the fulcrum in which, Brazil orchestrated their attack.

Goal opportunity for Brazil, came from their right side, where Oscar and Dani Alves linked up well to position Neymar upfront.

Poor refereeing(by Japan referee Yuichi Nishimura) caused a penalty to Brazil and Neymar score again. I am not relating to São Paulo(largest city in Brazil) has one of the largest Japanese expats communities;-)

This also shows, how this beautiful game has gained so much popularity , but then lacks fairness. If only FIFA board members, were forthcoming in introducing technology enabled decisions for all fouls and pushes inside the box.My wish will only be a wish I guess. In my view, that was not a foul on Fred and not a penalty. This shows how referee was poorly positioned and took that incorrect decision.

90th minute goal by Brazilian no 11 Oscar, displayed his creative genius & character. . Oscar finish straight out the Futsal textbook. Toe punt on the run, keeper hasn’t got time to get set, game over.Oscar was class tonight with his performance: 7 successful dribbles, 4 tackles, 3 interceptions, 3 chances created and 1 goal

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Oscar summed up the game, which he started, played well and deserved the man of the match.

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