What a lovely project !!!

Spurs fans

Why should AvB focus on the project/job at hand : All I want him to do is to focus on the job at hand & help spurs qualify for the champions league tournament. That’s all AvB has to achieve. That’s all he needs to thing about and this is his project & he willingly signed up for it. And to do that, look at the new peripheral challenge he has. The changes at managerial level in EPL 2013-2014

Moyes to United, Benitez to Napoli, Pellegrini to Man City, & Mourinho to Chelsea.

At AvB’s age, who would get this kind of qualitative challenge & a lovely project to spend his rest of the year at white hart lane. I would say AvB is very lucky and he is in the right place for a right reason.Name any one manager at 35 years of age, would compete for a trophy with his own mentor(Mourinho) ? I can’t think of any except AvB.

If I trust my instincts, I would say, AvB will stay with spurs & rubbish all those bookies views of a move to PSG. Bookies are just one dimensional and lack assessment. We know this.

Look at the statistics of AvB during 2012-2013 :

Premier League: 5th
Europa League: Quarter Finals (eliminated)
FA Cup: Fourth Round (eliminated)
Capital One Cup: Fourth Round (eliminated)


Games: 54; Won:  27; Lost: 11; Drawn:  16; Win %: 50%

who would get this result in a period of just less than 12 months ?

Thus, I say, I want and wish AvB to stay with spurs….

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