2012-13 season, Spurs were better than Chelsea…Period !!!

There is my colleague, who loves Chelsea and always sulks about spurs. He feels, spurs cannot make like it Chelsea & all those crap. This reminds me of those Stamford bridge fans, who have this arrogance that they are special and achieved all those great things in football. I feel this should stop. I cannot take it anymore

Spurs were far better than Chelsea this season. For people, fans who have just entered football, will look into the EPL points table and say, oh Chelsea are in the 3rd position and they are so close to title contenders. But for real hard core football fans, will know, the point table at the end of the season is just not the true and complete reflection of the way, teams have played.

Pos Team P GD Pts
1 Man Utd 38 43 89
2 Man City 38 32 78
3 Chelsea 38 36 75
4 Arsenal 38 35 73
5 Tottenham 38 20 72
6 Everton 38 15 63
7 Liverpool 38 28 61
8 West Brom 38 -4 49
9 Swansea 38 -4 46
10 West Ham 38 -8 46

Spurs finished with 72 points, which is just 3 points less that, Chelsea. In my view, this difference is nothing when compared to the infrastructure and the kind of spending Chelsea have made so far. Ideally for so much of millions of investments, Chelsea is a big failure in this season, for winning champions league and EPL title. They easily allowed Manchester clubs to take the first 2 slots.

On the contrary, spurs, with not even a full time striker(leave defoe for a moment), achieved 72 points, which is just 3 points difference from Chelsea and 1 point difference from Gooners. What is this????

With limited resources, look at the way, we have played against these oil funded mafia gangs(Chelsea & Gooners). At this is what makes me feel proud to be a part of spurs squad and ambitious project of AvB.



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