How do I view ‘Chelsea FC’ ?

I like to explore about my selves and knowing about my passion. Enjoy understanding my strengths & challenge areas. And want to be associated with the things I can relate with. When it comes to football, everything associated with the game is a beauty. Sometimes, even the most hated player or the club, becomes admirable. Such is the beauty of football, and I truly love it. Hence, I never had time or interest to know what I truly dislike/hate.

One such thing(dislike I mean) is this club. I hate Chelsea. I know, Chelsea are an ambitious club, bid spenders, with talented players from across the footballing nations with stylish blue jersey. All these things, are simple enough to gravitate a football fan in this world towards Chelsea. But fortunately not me ;-). And I am glad about it.

However, I just can’t stand up these guys. It is not about the players, or their playing style, or their jersey color.  Players are temporary in nature. Mata, Oscar, Hazard and other guys, will stay, as long as the club has the ambition. Players have nothing to do with the hatred which I have on them.

Club Ownership: This is the most irritating thing I have. Roman, being a filthy rich guy, who doesn’t care about logic, rationale and methods in managing the club, make me just go away from this club. If I see their progress, from 2003, I clearly see, Roman’s reflection, in the way, the club is managed, the way he wants to be. There are no interesting approach in managing the club, attracting players from other clubs, building a youth system, retaining top talent etc. Roman wants to win trophies, at any cost. When I mean, cost, it is purely financial in nature. Roman, feels he can pump in money and get away with things he wanted at club. Keep changing managers at this whims and fancies are another joke.

Main Chelsea Managers Compared 2000 13 | Stats and Opinions



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