Avb to aim

what’s next for us – spurs ?

So Mr.AvB, how do you want to close this year?


let me tell you , what is my opinion on the ending. We would be closing this year with 4th place in EPL. However, we would qualify for champions league, where we truly belong. We will not come top 3 in EPL or qualify for a champions league spot. But then, during this phase of transition, we as a team, as a club, as fans will learn a lot, evolve and mature.

It is more important to move on totally to a different level. keep moving on. We have seen clubs which have not moved on and now struggling. Liverpool  Aston villa, are classic example of clubs who once were tall and now are struggling to come up. I know, Mr.levy is not that spendthrift, but then has experimented with his managerial decisions. AVB seems to be doing things what he knows, best, and players get well with him. And with Bale, terrific form, it become more joy fun for spurs fan like me to walk up with chin high, in front of a few of my friends who support clubs like Chelsea & Man Utd.

But the real important question is about, the next season? How are we going to prepare for it and what the difference we will bring in. with AVB in, we got a good goalkeeper, who is also a leadership material. and a good central defender(Jan Vertonghen) from Ajax.

Our mid-field is getting stronger, however, if we have to play in champions league, then, we must get more technically qualified players. Parker, Holtby, Dembele, Sandro, are good, but not enough for champions league. Avb, needs to get in more technical play makers in the mid-field. Mid-field section is the differentiator,  when it comes to champions league. Ask Mr.Mourinho and Carl. They know, where to create depth and where to retain static force.

Strikers – Certainly we are weak in this section. I just wish, we get some free flowing striker quality, who can lead us. Let’s see…

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