AvB – Insanely good manager – from direct speech from Holtby

Holtby words

“I thought long about the decision I made. I want to fulfil my dream. I have dreamed about the Premier League since I was a boy”

“Tottenham are a top club. I have spoken to Andre Villas-Boas and I am confident in his plans.”.

“At the moment, it says that I will leave Schalke in the summer, but you never know in football.”

“Schalke means a lot to me. I will not let off and go full-throttle until the last minute for Schalke. The fans need to know this.”

“Tottenham are not a small club and have an insanely good manager,” Holtby explained.

I simply had to take the offer from Tottenham. New things don’t scare me, they excite me. In my opinion Tottenham is a big club in Europe.

“Tottenham have belonged to the top five in England since many years and they only missed out on the Champions League because Chelsea won the cup last year.

“Without Tottenham’s offer I would have signed at Schalke. I can only repeat that [club chief] Horst Heldt made a very good offer.

“I believe that I have a good relation to the fans, because I have always been authentic and honest. Now they can decide on their own how to react.”


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