Aim vs Ambition

I wish : I improve my focus on things, I want rather than, the person, whom  I am inspired with. I have spent considerable time in thinking about how & why’s of this person. I never thought, of my aspirations and likings. I missed many a moments in illusion.

“A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at” – Bruce Lee.

It was very relaxing to me, when i read it aloud in some social networking site. I always thought, a goal drives a person to acheive his wants. However, I never thought, it is only a tool . What a difference isn’t? Ambition is different from ‘Aim’. And aiming is more important than, Ambition in itself.

Great minds separate, the real wants from unwanted things. I like that. Now my goal is to focus, do and feel things, which I wanted to. Just only that, nothing else.

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