AvB’s year end appraisal approaching. . .

So, how do you think, Mr.Levy should approach AvB’s performance, till now. Yes, appraisal season coming soon ūüėČ


Ok, here we go, here are the parameters, Mr. Levy should rightfully use to assess AvB’s performance

a) Obedience to Mr. Levy & other board members : Of course, Mr. Levy will expect the obedience from AvB, more than ¬† results, potential and performance. Yes, it is important for AvB to demonstrate this quality at this stage of his career. AvB cannot afford yet, another upset post his stint @¬†Stamford¬†bridge. Therefore, I feel, AvB will not be himself, completely, but will balance the respect towards Mr.Levy & is own intuition/methods. In the first six months, he has tried to manage changes in a gradual manner, unlike his previous stints. It is not only about fear of losing his job, but more of ¬† a experimentation, I guess. From AvB’s career point of view, it is very key to stay in this role and end this season. Manage to gain back his credibility which has been at stake many a times. Thanks to this hyper inflated media.

b) Results : Well, though, AvB hasn’t radically, changed spurs style of playing, he has managed to provide some decent results. We are hovering between 4th and 6th position at the moment in EPL. Whilst results alone matter for Mr. Levy, I am quite confident that, he will allow AvB to follow his methods in the later part of this season. More positive results, more space and freedom to AvB. I feel, we will somehow managed to get 5th position this season, looking at the rise of everton, West Brom Albion & downfall of Aresenal and Chelsea.

Total –¬†15 matches¬†played,¬†28 goals¬†scored,¬†23 goals¬†conceded —-LDDGGGGLGLLLGGG

c) Performance : ¬†Interesting parameter isn’t ? Performance may/may not yield desired result, however, it will surely boost the team/fans mood. For example, we lost against Arsenal with a big margin, however, AvB got a big support from fans community for his experiment. I am a big fan of performance,& wish AvB to make the team to do well in this season, when compared to the previous one.

d) Potential :  Here we need to distinguish clearly between 2011 & 2012. In 2011, pre-modric era, the collective potential of the team was high. We can understand the reason. However, this season is a period of transition. And Mr.Levy, AvB and fans clearly know the huge dependence we have with certain high quality players. For instance, Defoe & Bale. These 2 players performance makes the entire team look good. Defoe consistently scores & Bale provides fluent crosses. However, during this period of transition, we must acknowledge the experience which Jan vertonghen brings in and I hope, his service is fully utilized.

Based on these parameters, I would rate a score of 3/5(where 5 being the best & 1 the worst). What would you rate ?

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