Lazio vs Tottenham…

      Petkovich                   Vs                  AVB

Prove it 

Prove it

Prove it



My prediction :

Tonight’s match will be a draw. Will each side scoring 1 goal each. As always, our attack will be influenced by Bale and  there is a possibility that Defoe would score. And again, I see, our mid-filed to be a bit weak if, Dembele is not fit for the match. It is becoming too much of burden for Sandro to manage the mid-field. Lenon should be rested as, he is becoming quite predictable and boring in the right. We need some fresh pair of legs.

Defense department: I would allow Gallas to be benched. Making Caulker, Dawson, Walker and Vertonghen in the back 4. I  would sincerely expect AvB to allow Vertonghen to play the left back.

New players : Let’s pick Tom Carrol, Alex Pritchard and any other U-21 squad. AvB should experiment, try something new in this game. We have nothing to gain or lose in this europa league. We belong to champions league and should only focus on it next season. And as part of that preparation, we need some fresh pair of legs to gain experience. Common AvB, pls experiment. What’s life, without trial & error ?

All I care, is spurs to play well. Results are not completely in our hand . However, playing well, demonstrating that spirit is with us. And please show that to us.

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