Spurs lose again !

Manchester city beat Tottenham ; 2-1








I watched the match curiously looking for that spurs moment, where my players could show that spirit & produce results. More than the result, our players game, especially in the mid-field is very disappointing. Where is that hunger and determination from my players. Oh gosh!  I did not expect a great win at etihad stadium. All I wanted to see was a good show put up by our team. First half, was pretty decent and we took the lead. Second half was completely dominated by Man city. Appalling show by spurs.

Man cityTottenham stats

Possession%: 61.938.1

Passes: 482277

Accuracy%: 8266

Final 3rd: 16699

Accuracy%: 7247

Shots(OT): 14(5)7(2)

Aaron Lennon completed just 42% of his passes in today’s game, his lowest pass completion this season. Bale was not consistent. Adebayor played like a lion to prove his mettle. I liked that clever play which got Pableta the yellow card. Enjoyed it ;-). He has attempted a challenge very often in this match, to make those man city stalwarts thinking.

Dempsey was invisible and was found to be very poor. Sandro was discovered in the defense section in the second half. Gallas was struggling and panting. Vertonghen was a bit lazy and reactive. All together, the team has put a very bad show. And back -to back defeat in EPL.

What’s next ?

I’m just glad that we have AVB as our coach. If we still had Mr.Redknapp, with our injuries, summer changes, plus his ambitious coach of England dream, we would be in the bottom 5 by now. All we need are the below

a) Dembele must come back in Jan 2013, with great spirits and good health

b) We recruit a creative mid-fielder to partner with Dembele.

c) Striker to be identifed and seasoned before Jan 2013. We need a proper goal scorer

d) AvB to provide oppurtunities to under 21 squad of spurs (Tom carroll, Alex pritchard)

let me, know, if you wish to include anything…

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