Spurs to meet Manchester City

Beaten up at home ! Yes. It is painful. But what to do now ? We cannot be thinking on what has happened last week. We need to move on. Focus on our next game against Manchester City. Take  learnings from our previous match and march forward. That is how I would like to see it.What is next ?

Our match against Manchester city. Spurs players will face the mighty(but currently under-performing) Mancini’s boys. The fight is on for 3 points. And 90 minutes will be a pleasure to watch (hopefully spurs players exhibit their full potential)

Manchester city will attack,rotate, find space, press hard. This is expected from the premier league champions. Getting 3 points from their home is a must for them. They do not care, it is Tottenham or Chelsea  All it matters for them is 3 points. Their striking force, Tevez, Balotelli, Dzeko, Aguero are hungry to prove their character. Toure is at his best, proving his worth time and again.  Their draw against West Ham, make their situation even worse. But last tuesday, city managed to draw against Ajax (2-2), with shows glimpse of hope to stay in the competition. Well, they are a strong team and I have no doubt about it.


What is the mood/tone/language from spurs ?

It is not normal at the moment. Home defeat. We allowed Wigan to beat us in our home. However bounced back, by beating NK Maribor at home. With Bale in cosmic form.

Andre’s post match reaction after a win against NK Maribor – It was fantastic to see the players put in such effort and be so determined to bounce back from the defeat we had at the weekend,” At half-time, we really had nothing to say, we could only pay compliments for what the players were doing.Again, we bounced back from adversity and showed great resilence, effort and commitment.It was a great performance, the way we kept possession, kept the ball moving and created so many opportunities”


What should AvB do now ?

As I said, earlier, AvB should channelize all his emotions in preparing his team to face the match against Manchester City. He needs to prepare the team, as he did it against Manchester Utd. That is the spirit, the team needs to demonstrate. Methods, metrics and techniques are secondary here. The collective spirit of the team has to raise. This will be our first line of defense on this Saturday  Raise our collective spirit. And I want to see some fresh pair of legs. Alex Pritchard or Tom Carrol could be given an opportunity  AvB needs to take some calculated risk. Spurs would be not be able to win the match or for that matter, conclude a draw, if we play with the same 11 we played against Wigan. Hopefully, AvB returns to his favorite formation 4-3-3 &  propels more direct game. So far, AvB has deployed 4-2-3-1 formation and this seems to be a static force which is not consistent, whilst giving some positive results.

Our mid-field problem : With Dembele missing in action, our mid-field looks pathetic. It is more frustating to see us losing the ball to opponents. Dembele and Sandro make a good pair in the centre. Sigurdson, is still raw, and needs refinement. Livermore, is not upto the expected standard. Dempsey has contribute more. He is surely running, make moves, but still not able to produce his best to Tottenham  I am quite positive, about his improvement, but he needs to prove his worth on 11/11 .

Huddlestone said —“At home, we fancy ourselves against anybody, we have for a while, but to create so few chances was very disappointing. Wigan made it difficult for us. We just didn’t turn up. They defended well but equally, we’ve got to work harder to create options.Normally at home we’ll create three or four chances and stick one or two away, but I don’t think we created a half-decent effort on goal.”

Our defense : Our defense is not that bad when compared to the top 5 teams in EPL. However, to retain no 4 position or to move up to no 3 in EPL, this defense squad is not adequate. The ‘x’ factor is missing. If we truly aim to get a slot in champions league, we need a solid back 4 in defense  Currently we have Vertoghen, Caulker and Assoito Koklkotio(still in injury), other than, that, I do not see, any other player, proving his worth. I would sincerely request AvB to replace with Gallas with some other fresh pair of legs. Gallas time is over and we replace him. His experience is essential, however, this season, experience alone is not an asset. Age, skill, character & adaptability, techniques, matters the most. Let’s realize and make those difficult calls.

Forward: Defoe can score goals, but he needs service & support. Again, scoring goals alone, doesn’t guarantee wins. We need to win & require a young creative feeder, who can play between mid-fielders & strikers, who can also play in false nine formations. Like, David Silva for Manchester city, Mata for Chelsea, Cazarola for Arsenal, Ozil for Real Madrid. We need player of this character. Unless and until  we make amendments to our existing system, it will be more difficult to progress.

Hope we are well prepared for the game…

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