Midfield Stress – Spurs

This is the stat from EPL

What you normally see in this numbers, from a spurs point of view is the fact that, ‘Mousa Dembele’ is in a very good form, having a impressive statistics in this EPL w.r.t total tackles, no of them won, duels won on ground & aerial etc.

But what is missing here is the amount of stress and fatigue, Dembele is going through. I mean, his role is considered to be the pivotal for spurs. The entire load balancing act is upon him. I see, a certain portion is also on Sandro. But a large amount is on Dembele. The man, who has taken up the responsibitlity. Unless & until, AvB finds a compatible pair in the mid-field area, Dembele has to manage the show on his own. I am sure, he would pretty happy to continue this crucial task. However, the stress and fatigue, he is facing is huge.

AvB has to bring a play-maker, to partner with Dembele. Moutinho would be my obvious choice. But not sure, the tactics from club chairman, Daniel Levy. Whilst, I understand the commercial perspective, he has to make a deal to balance spurs mid-field area. This has to be his top-most priority in Jan 2013 season.

Spurs can manage the bottom 15 teams, with current line up. However, to meet the challenges posed by the top 4 teams, this squad is not adequate. Manchester clubs, Chelsea, Arsenal have renewed their formations, approach and strengths. They have changed, based on the new situation. Spurs  are only in the mode of a change. I would not call this team of spurs a new one. we have Defoe, who is very good, but limited. With Jan Vertoghen, our defense looks sharper, but not consistent. With Dembele & Dempsey, our midfield might look balanced, but not mighty. Therefore, it is very much important to realize that, winning over Southampton, got us 3 points, but 4th position is  fully not secured.

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