Luka Modric’s Sale – Behind The Scenes

Before you begin to read this article please beware that the views below are my opinion only and the article should be viewed as a parody article…In my opinion Luka Modric should be allowed to go.

It is obvious to everyone that he is more than interested in joining Real Madrid. There is of course nothing wrong with this. AVB knows what Luka wants. It is just that, this situation has now gone beyond his control, given it began before he was appointed as head coach.

There is little he can do in this situation. He may not have a big say, in allowing Luka to go, or convince him to stay. The decision to execute the sale and to determine the right price is with the club chairman Daniel Levy. Making someone to stay by force is not the right approach, for a club, which is aspiring to secure a top 3 position in the Premier League .This is a triangular story, with Luka, AvB and Deniel Levy playing the lead roles.

Luka’s feelings – I love playing football in different countries, for experience and to earn global attention and recognition. Meet and play against the  great talents of the world. Learn new situations, embrace total football and open-up to new dimensions of the game. Money is no more my motivation. Gaining global attention and recognition is my prime motive and I’m very clear about it. Now Real Madrid, the best football club in Spain needs me. I really have to go now. I was born, brought up during the times of war in my nation and forced to flee my  village when I was 6 years old. I have been always on the move for survival. This movement is my real momentum and lifeline. I never attended a proper school for education. I learnt from this movement. Life and its experiences are my teacher. To be frank ,I did enjoy my stay with Spurs. I performed so many things and learnt a lot during my stay here. Played with the team, in demanding situations. I hope to have done myself justice to the best of my abilities. But do understand, there is more in life for me. I need to be part of the bigger project and i’d love to see new perspectives in my career. A few years later in the near future, I will have a bigger family with kids and therefore, I cannot afford to make a wrong decision. So let me go please. Do what’s needed now. We shall leave as friends in good faith.

AvB’s tactical thoughts – What a way to start my career at Spurs? I am aware of Luka’s situation, his priorities, interest and source of motivation. Luka Modric, to me is a gifted, intelligent technical player, who can read the game well. He was a settled player within the team, with no animosities. As a coach, I need not invest too much time in Luka to educate him about the game’s nuances. He understands, a coach’s role, his responsibilities as a midfielder very well. All is ok with him apart from the fact he wants to leave.

But why does he want to leave?

I can understand his professional ambitions and there is nothing wrong with this. These demands are normally expected from a player of his caliber. Is there is anything else I can do to make him stay at Spurs if the Madrid deal doesn’t work?

I can help him grow from his current role,if only I could know his alternate options? Does he aspire to become a captain? Is he  captain material? How should I reach his centre point to meet his needs? I feel, he should exercise patience at this juncture, whilst the club is negotiating the transfer agreement of his movement to Real Madrid. A player movement between 2 different clubs is a process and has some important stages. Every stage has its own complexities, dependencies. Therefore, it is recommendable for him to continue his life as usual and focus on his current priorities within the club. The time will come, when the decision is taken by the club and then he shall leave. Until then, I expect him to adhere to the rules of the club and honour his existing contract, as it is still alive. I had to be considerate in keeping Luka at a ‘holding position’, while, drafting my 3 year vision document for Spurs. His willingness to move out of the club is not a surprise to me, though. I could utilize the incoming funds, to purchase Porto players of my choice and make them fit into proper roles, thereby making my plan progress further.

Club’s point of view – We are very clear, we will not let him join any of our rivals club in the Premier League. Real Madrid and PSG are fine, and we will continue to assess the situation very closely. The key factors of this sale are not only based on money. It is also about significant parameters like legal, regulatory and reputational impact, which has to be taken care from a transfer/sale point of view.

Fans view: It is important to listen and understand Luka’s aspirations. After all, he has significantly contributed to the development of Spurs midfield. Croatia, listens to Luka about what he says and how he says them. The club should be aware of this. Any complexities and stress build up during this sale can lead to adverse effects to the club and to the future supply of young talent from Croatia to Spurs. Players require promise, comfort and clarity of role. There is a method to handle during the transfer of a player out of the club. When the club is taking a big leap, it is further more important to retain the composure, culture and credibility of the institution, while handling the transfer of players. Go on Luka, chase your aspirations and dreams. Live your dream.

Wherever, you go, you will still remain at the heart of a Spurs fan.

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