Lloris – Patience Is The Key

So what if Hugo Lloris is asked to be patient, what’s the harm in it?

Being patient also means that Lloris has time to observe,study and relax for a while, till he get’s accustomed to English football. Yes, it also means he will have to make do with a place on Spurs bench. I do not see an issue here. I hope, Hugo understands the situation well and allows Friedel to stand to rightly take his place between the sticks.

The key thing here is the role of a goalkeeper, especially in relation with his defenders. Unlike other roles (striker, midfielder, defender, winger etc), a goalkeeper, has to understand his defenders . There is an unwritten chemistry, between defenders and the goalkeeper , and only they both can feel and appreciate the subtle nuances. The number of times, the central defenders goes high up the pitch, depends on the trust he has with his goalkeeper, the knowledge of knowing  if during a counterattack, he will be saved by the keepers ability to read the game. Likewise, the goalkeeper needs to believe that the defender who went up high on the pitch will return to his position swiftly, before an opponent’s striker approaches the box.

On 22 August 2011, Friedel started in-goal for Tottenham at Old Trafford against Manchester United. This was his starting point with Spurs,and he will be very aware his contract expires in 2013 June. He will also be aware of the club’s aspiring journey into the future. The club requires not only a keeper, who can independently guard his goal, with minimal support from defenders, but also be a thorough leader.

A leadership quality is required here and not just experience. Experience can come from playing for number of years; from a keeper who has kept between the sticks, saved penalties, approached key learning curves and tough tackles. But leadership requires a keeper to stand independently on his own and carry that farsightedness to the entire team on pitch. Spurs have made an intelligent, yet an experimental move, in identifying, approaching and bringing Hugo Lloris into their squad. They have not bought a goal keeper, but have managed to acquire, a leader, who is also a goalkeeper. This is exactly, the plan of AVB. He prefers to build his team from the back. Unlike, other managers, who were after the strikers, wingers etc, AVB kept his eye from back to front, rather than from front to back. This is interesting isn’t ?. Which means, AVB wants a more attacking combination. This can be possible, only when the fundamentals/ basics are right. The basics here are defending and  more fundamental is guarding the goal .

The club is very enterprising in making full use of Friedel’s contract, abilities and his unlimited enthusiasm. He will be the No. 1 goalkeeping option for Spurs. At least till this Christmas, provided he is performing to his fullest abilities. Meanwhile AVB can prepare his defensive structure, the way he wanted it to be and place Hugo between the sticks. That will be the true beginning. Hugo is the new No. 1 option(in the near future), when AVB executes his new defensive structure. The Summer signing  of Jan Vertoghen is just the beginning. Gallas will be replaced by a fresh pair of legs. For the type of defensive system AVB prefers, there requires a leadership quality, between the sticks. A character who can become, the captain of Spurs in near/distant future, as well. I am not saying Friedel is not a good leader, but all I am saying is that, Hugo will be the future for Spurs (provided if he waits patiently)

If you have noticed, successful team’s have their captain not from their front-line department (i.e. forwards, mid field etc). They come from the back line. Iker Casillas for Real Madrid and Spain, John Terry for Chelsea, Fabio Cannavaro for Italy, who won the World Cup. I feel, when the leadership comes from behind, there is a strong push to all players. In this model, there is no pull, but a lot of togetherness and a sharp build up from the basics. I think, that’s exactly what AVB prefers and is preparing to do in his 4 year plan for spurs. To make Tottenham a truly competitive club and to stay in the top 4 positions…

Till then media and press can continue their speculation.

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