Football is unjust towards Bavarians !!!

19th May, 2012, UEFA champions league finals at Allianze, Germany. Home for Bayern munich. Bayern were playing against chelsea. The mood were good on Bayern. And I desired Bayern Munich to win the finals. Not that, I know this team, at great extent, breadth and depth. But I do know, that they are a german club. I like german style of football, their culture and lifestyle. I am an ardent fan of german national team. I remember it, was 1994 world cup. I was in my schools. Germany lost the quater finals to Croatia. That was when, for the first time, I got introduced to international football. I like many aspects of German football. Like fast paced game, nice tempo, interesting combinations through midfield, finding their forwards, having pace in the build up from the back etc. More than all these things, I did like their superiority !

Bayern reaching the finals was a real glory. They beat the in-form team, Real Madrid, in penalties. Thanks Bastian, who tool the decisive las kick to seal the entry to finals. Bayern were the favorites, by a clear margin. With this  auro, the germans entered the field on 19th May. The match started as if Bayern will score in any minute. Such was the form of the palyers, clarity of the entire team.  Chelsea, were clueless of the attack and entire 11 players started defending the ball. But then the scoreless game continued for a long time. First half of the match was nil-nil, with bayern after more than 60% of ball possession. There were 3 -4 good close chances Bayern had inside Chelsea’s D. But could not complete it. Completion was missing. Everything else was in place. Robben attacked. Ribbery supplied. Mueller supported. Gomez was not in touch. His positioning were good, but nothing frutifull. They were unable to convert their attempts into nets.

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Thomas mueller did once in the 83rd minute of game. A close range strong header, pitched once and bounced up above Petr chech. Goal !!! I did clap my hands strongly, in front of my television set. It was early 2 : 30 a.m in India ;-). I was happy and excited, thinking that, the game would be over in another 7 minutes, with Bayern winning. So did the bavarian coach and substituted the golden boy(Thomas Mueller) with Daniel Van buyten.

This is the right time, for Lahm to exhibit his leadership. He should have asked his defenders to prove their worth. 8 more minutes left in the game and all the defenders has to do is to get the ball with them . See the ball and predict chelsea’s moves. This is the moment, where they gave away a corner and Juan Mata rightly curved the ball to Drogba, who punched it into the nets. I sensed a lethargy in bayern’s intelligence. Not to blame the defenders, but the intelligence of the collective players. They should have been much more far-sighted to see and devise the next 8 in minutes.

The match was now in the extra time. 30 more minutes. And the same Drogba, who scored the goal,  gave bavarians an oppurtunity to score. He punctured Riberry’s right heel inside cheslea’s box.  Referee whistled and awarded a penalty to Bayern. Robben tool the kick. Saved by Petr. My heart skipped a beat ;-(

I felt dejected at that time. Not because, Robben missed the golden moment, but bayern players lost  faith in their game. Bastian Schweinsteiger, didn’t want to watch the way Robben took the kick.  Bastian, who has won many awards in his club and international careers, including five Bundesliga titles, five German Cups, and two League Cups and being a vice-captain to Lahm, didn’t demonstrate the courage to see the spot kick.  He showed his back to the moment, closing his eyes, and Neur had to tell bastian about the miss and make him move forward. What a scene ? Terrible !!!

In the end, bavarians could not win the finals. They had to be on the losing side. Perhaps it is written in the system.

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