An exception in my day !

I parked my car in a ‘no parking’ zone in one of the busiest roads in chennai. And went for a brief shopping nearby, not noticing the ‘no parking’ signboard. The ‘no parking’ signboard was recently placed in the area, and it looked in the size of a gulab jamun. As small as a rat hole . As my luck would faint out, chennai traffic cops observe my car parked in the no parking zone. A battalion of cops fast approached towards my car.Seeing this, I gently marched near their towing vehicle.

I spoke to the inspector and requested for a ‘one-off waiver’. He pretended to be a superior mammal and looked genuinely lethargic, chewing mouthful of betal leaves. I did boast about my tax paying sincerity and patriotism. But the man looked unmoved and finally provided me few options to chose. Get challaned & pay the fine or visit the nearest police station, to collect my keys. For some moments, my mind was calculating pros and cons of both the options. Paying spot fine was considered far better than, visiting the nearest police station.

And my clock was ticking. I had to decide in the next 5 minutes. My initial attempt of negotiations proved to be a futile. Meanwhile, the ops were busy in taking pictures of my car. Observing this, I knew that, these guys have decided to challan me. I paid the fine. Took my car, and drove back to home. Experience from this event : Park only in the dedicated parking area. Certainly not. This is about the presence of mind. Simple awareness. If only , my presence of mind was functioning, then, I would have easily prevented this event. Lucky that, it was not an accident or a life loss because of my silly act.

Why did my presence of mind didn’t function ? Perhaps, I was thinking something else. Or I was emotional with something else ?

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